How to Have a Coupon Do This...

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How to Have a Coupon Do This...

Post by mantrasia »

i'm stumped trying to figure out how i can setup a coupon/discount in the system to work this way:

i want to run a special where a customer can get any medium specialty pizza and a large 1 top for a fixed price (19.99) in this case

normally, i'd make a coupon with a negative dollar amount that would be applied to the order to bring the price down to the correct amount, but the problem is that our medium specialty pizzas all have different prices.

anyone have a way to make this work?

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Post by durbancic »

make the coupon as you were referring to, but make different toppings based on the price of the specialty pizza. i.e.

Coupon is called:
Medium Spec and Lrg for $19.99
Add toppings to the coupon called this:
$8.99 Specialty
$9.99 Specialty
$11.99 Specialty
and so on for each different specialty pizza pricepoint.
You will need to change the price for each topping so each one takes off the correct amount.

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