POS Pizza 8 (8.71.00) and Online Ordering 8.71

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POS Pizza 8 (8.71.00) and Online Ordering 8.71

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POS Pizza 8 (8.71.00):

POS Pizza v8 Update.

New In This Update:
  • Added support for Ontario’s “Point-of-Sale” tax rebate along with other 2-tiered sales taxes.
  • Changed "Online Orders" reports to include orders received via the API.
  • Modified POSPizzaDB.dll to suppress all messages when launched from a Windows Service App. SQL_BUSY had could have potentially locked a service app if the database dll tried to display a message, so all messaging has now been suppressed when library is called from a Windows service.
  • All .exe files are now digitally signed to help with the forthcoming Windows 11 23H2 update on new installs. Previously only the .exe files that required admin access were digitally signed. Now all of the .exe files in the distribution are digitally signed.

The full online ordering module has also been updated to match the new sales taxes added to the POS. These two versions must be used together, and not mixed with earlier versions that do not support the new 2-tiered sales taxes. Note: Blizzfull Online Ordering Module does not require an update.

Online Ordering v8.71.00
  • Added support for 2-tiered sales taxes, including support for Ontario’s “Point-of-Sale” tax rebate.
  • Digitally signed all "Summit" .exe and .cgi files.
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