POS Pizza 8 (8.70.00)

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POS Pizza 8 (8.70.00)

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POS Pizza 8 [CS] & [SA] (8.70.00):

POS Pizza v8 Update.

New In This Update:
  • Added TEXT-BASED script printing, for better performance with impact and other slower printers. The [LT] version also now supports this mode.
  • Added new commands for box-text, and upper case full topping names to print scripts. Upper case stands out better on kitchen slips.
  • Added the ability to start with different base printer settings when creating a new printer definition.
  • Added 3 new default text-based scripts in the printer definitions. One for kitchen, and two for receipts. If you don't see these, recall defaults.
  • Updated scripted printing document to cover new print modes and commands.
  • Updated Database Create Tool to include new printing scripts, and other changes since tool was last updated.
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