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POS Pizza v8.20.00

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POS Pizza 8 (8.20.00):

POS Pizza v8 Update.

New In This Update:
  • Added order type (carry/dine/delivery) to the customer info window when viewing a previous order.
  • Added option to reset order numbers for first order of new day each day.
  • Added "toppings low" color states to Premium modifiers screen, similar to standard modifiers screen.
  • Improved payment notification window (change due) to be more when it comes to tip amounts.
  • Improved make-line screens now show total item count for current line (less voided and completed) in top right corner.
  • Changed Paid-Outs to no longer use an order number.
  • Changed Customer DB 'Last Name' requirement removed.
  • Changed Driver report to show actual address from order, rather than default customer address.
  • Fixed credit surcharge / cash discount "display" issue in premium module when viewing a past order.
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