Feature improvement for Customer Merge Tool

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Feature improvement for Customer Merge Tool

Post by crwheelr »

Current behavior is to specify a street, and sub-select customer accounts to merge.
This implies that one knows which street to scan.

A broader and more effective approach as follows:
Scan entire customer table.
For each case of two or more accounts with same street and house number
Choose merge or no merge or abort (use same rules about adopting oldest account info plus combine points)
After all duplicates are addressed, exit

The current system necessitates that cashier be informed of duplicates by customer. This is not as effective.

This is needed primarily when scanning for inactive customers. If accounts are not completely merged, then inactive customers report gives erroneous information.
example, sending promotions to an inactive customer who in fact has been ordering from a different (non merged) phone number.

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Re: Feature improvement for Customer Merge Tool

Post by H-Man »

Add this to the wish list section. It would be a nice feature.
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