POS Pizza 6 (6.60.00)

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POS Pizza 6 (6.60.00)

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POS Pizza 6 (6.60.00):

POS Pizza v6.60 Update.

Very Important, Read before upgrading!

If you are processing credit cards, with X-Charge or ChargeIt Pro, you will need to Also download and install the updated credit card integration modules (v1.11).

If your database was one that was converted from v5.x or v4.x in the past, it is possible that PCI Enforcement Mode may
be enabled after this upgrade. If your users are prompted for new passwords, then it is. It is best to check this on
one station right away by logging into the Management Utility right after the upgrade. If you are prompted for a
password change, change it, and then after entering the Management Util, go to System Config - > Secuirty Settings.
Uncheck the box labeld "Force PCI Compliance" (upper right) and the save the settings. Exit the management utility, and
then log back in and change your password back. At this point it will be safe to let other users use the system and
upgrade other stations.

New In This Update:
  • Added PCI Standards Enforcement to All Modules to enforce password guidelines on all system users globally.
  • Added Security Event Logging to all modules.
  • Added Security Event Log Viewer to Management Utility.
  • Added Last Delivery Run Time for Drivers in Drivers On Duty list at driver console for driver sequencing.
  • Added Minutes old for items on Make-Line screen.
  • Added 15-minute inactivity timer for auto-disconnect of Management Util when PCI Enforcement is enabled.
  • Added PCI Best Practices Document (PDF) to included documentation as required by PCI.
  • Fixed Online Maps: Google changed something that didn't agree with the IE embedded browser, so changed to Mapquest.
  • Fixed Deposit Report where if day begin time was midnight, it was only getting half of the day.
  • Changed: Level 1 Complex passwords now require 1 number & 1 letter instead of 1 upper and 1 lower, in order to meet
    PCI Guidelines
  • Changed: Removed default "Walk-In Customer" from order entry from on new walk-in order. This will be added when
    saved if customer is left blank.
  • Changed: Delivery rules, now use 4-digit number to accommodate delivery rule import tool where there are more than 999
    rules in the database.
The primary changes in this release were related to upcoming changes to PCI compliance laws.

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