POS Pizza 6 (6.50.00)

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POS Pizza 6 (6.50.00)

Post by Scott »

POS Pizza 6 [CS] & [SA] (6.50.00):

POS Pizza v6.5 Update.

New In This Update:
  • Added Ability to waive delivery fee if order subtotal exceeds a certain amount. (all)
  • Added Full integration with POS Pizza's New Online Ordering System 2.0 directly in Mgt. Util. ([CS] only)
  • Added Web Ordering 2.0 for POS Pizza 6 [CS]. This is a separate download. (see forums) ([CS] only)
  • Added the ability to have GoNextWorld prompt if data is incomplete (walk-in orders). (all)
  • Added the ability to supress the GoNextWorld prompt when data is complete. Only shows balance dialog. (all)
  • Added Processing for GoNextWorld rewards in the Driver console. ([CS] only)
  • Added Online Customers reports, to show online signups, signups by IP Address, and signups with 0 orders within a date range. ([CS] only)
  • Added new tab page to Customer editor to deal with the online ordering settings and information. (all versions, but only functions in [CS] version)
  • Added Online Ordering Message Editor to client install. ([CS] only)
  • Removed Online Ordering Server 1.0 from client installation. This product is discontinued. ([CS] only)
  • Changed Database Maintenance Tool to include the "Created Online" filter when purging customer data. (all versions, but only functions in [CS] version)
  • Fixed Pull-down menu selection for "Sales By Street", so it now goes to the correct report. (all)

*In the [CS] version the original online ordering has been discontinued, but will not be removed from your system by this install. The old version will remain in tact until you use the client uninstall, or manually remove it.

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