POS Pizza 6 (6.30.00)

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POS Pizza 6 (6.30.00)

Post by Scott »

POS Pizza 6 (6.30.00):

POS Pizza v6.3 Update.

New In This Update:
  • Added Credit Card Processing w/ChargeIt Pro to Online Ordering Module.
  • Added configurable POST / GET method sending for online ordering forms.
  • Added Open Drawer signal to Shift Open/Close.
  • Added Monthly Overview Bar Graph Report.
  • Added "No Prompt for Last Credit Card" flag to customer records so feature can be disabled for certain customers.
  • Added "Tax Exempt" flag to customer record, which sets default order state on new orders placed by customer.
  • Added Require Tax ID on Exempt orders flag to global configuration.
  • Fixed issue where comma in value in Shift Open/Close field caused incorrect value to be returned.
  • Fixed issue where apostrophe in Card Holder info in Credit Card Module could abort processing.

* Please Note: You will need to re-download the credit processing module integrations for this version so that the "No Prompt" feature works and for other compatibility.

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