New Product: POS Pizza Groups (v1.00)

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New Product: POS Pizza Groups (v1.00)

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Announcing New Add-On for POS Pizza - POS Pizza Groups
POS Pizza Groups is an add-on for POS Pizza [CS] that will consolidate reporting for multiple restaurants, as well as distribute menus, menu updates and Premium POS profiles to all participating locations. POS Pizza Groups involves the following applications;
  • Groups Server - POS Pizza Groups apps connect to this server. This is where all of the shared data is housed.
  • Remote Admin Tool - Allows system administrators to remotely manage the Groups Server.
  • Reporting App - Allows restaurant / franchise owners to view and build reports, and distribute menus / Premium profiles to restaurants.
  • Agent / Agent Monitor - Runs at each restaurant and uploads new orders, updates previous orders and downloads new menus and Premium profiles when they are available.
How it works
The server will be installed at single location, which is accessible via the internet to all of the restaurants. The server can be deployed on your own bare-metal hardware, hypervisor server, or deployed in the cloud on any of the following Windows operating systems;
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022
  • (Newer OS's than those above)
We have tested the server successfully using Proxmox, with all of the above OS’s as well as on Microsoft Azure® and Amazon AWS.

Each Restaurant will connect to the server periodically and upload new orders that were received at that restaurant as well as updating any other orders that have changed, such as being voided, or settled since they were last uploaded. If there are any menu updates on the server, then the restaurants will update their menus during a prescribed window of time.

The reporting app can then view report data from all of the various restaurants uploaded data using both built-in and custom reports.

All communications between the clients and the server are all fully encrypted using a private shared key system. Administrative access uses an additional private shared key on top of the access key to gain access to administrative functions on the server.

Introductory DEMO:
If you have more than one store (or even if you only have one at the moment) and would like to try POS Pizza Groups for free from now until Jan 31, 2024 please contact us and we will provide you with licenses for all of your locations. This offer is valid until December 1, 2023.

Pricing is $180 per location, per year. Multiple years can be purchased at a 30% discounted rate of $126 per location per year when you purchase 3 or more 1-year licenses at a time. That is equivalent to $10.50 per month.

Please contact sales with any questions, or visit our online store to purchase new licenses.
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