POS Pizza 8 updartes through v8.12

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POS Pizza 8 updartes through v8.12

Post by Scott »

POS Pizza v8.x updates 8.10 - 8.12

Below is a list of new or improved features that have been added since POS Pizza v8.00:
  • Added debug tool in customer editor to show customer distance and bearing to help maintain geolocation rules.
  • Added the ability to set delivery order items to a lower priority on make-line modules.
  • Added the "sort items by item name" option to the online ordering configuration. Requires OO v8.11 or higher to work on online side.
  • Added utility to check Window registration status for required components.
  • Added out-the-door time on delivery orders as they're being checked out. Time diff from order entered in to driver out.
  • Added average out-the-door time to delivery stats in POS modules, based on times from the last 15 delivery orders for the day
  • Improved DB Query Tool - Added variables for dates/times for queries, and file names for automated output. Allows easy reporting for this week/month, last week/month etc. See PDF document.
  • Changed when adding a group individual item reminders are now collected and shown on a single popup notification.
  • Changed item reminders to now show in a bigger notification box, instead of the small default Windows box.
  • Changed Quick Order configuration window making it a higher resolution so that it appears larger on newer systems.
  • Changed reports viewer now starts normalized instead of maximized, and mouse scroll wheel support has been added.
  • Changed "In-Transit" delivery orders can no longer be voided until the driver returns.
  • Changed Auto-Refresh timer on caller ID list in Premium Module automatically stops when phone field is selected, or customer is looked up, or number is manually entered.
  • Changed all distance calculations using geocoding now use double-precision floating point values for finer resolution.

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