Replacing my PCs

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Replacing my PCs

Post by mohlotf »


I'm replacing my three computers and wondering what steps I should follow to move all pospizza to new computers. First Pc is running as a main station with chargeitpro payment and database server. Second Pc is running as a second station with chargeit pro payment. And third Pc is running as an online order server.

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Re: Replacing my PCs

Post by Scott »

Hi Moe,
  1. Go to current server admin tool and stop the server, then use the install/uninstall to stop the service. It should say "Not Installed" at the top.
  2. Go into the C:\POSPizza6\Server folder and locate the POSPizza.PZ6 file, and copy this to a USB stick. That is your entire database.
  3. Unplug the dongle from the old server.
The remaining steps take place on the new PCs.
  1. Download and install the CS server. You can skip the "database creation" step at the end of the install wizard (uncheck it).
  2. Plug the dongle into the new server, and give Windows a moment to recognize it. The light will blink while this happens, then go steady green when it is ready.
  3. Click "Install/Uninstall" server to install it as a Windows service. Click "Start/Stop" to run the server.
  4. Exit the server admin tool and then copy the POSPizza.PZ6 file from your USB stick to the C:\POSPizza6\Server folder.
  5. Follow the instructions in the ReadMe PDF file in the server folder to add an exception to the Windows firewall for your server.
  6. Install the latest CS client on each of your PCs including the server PC.
  7. Install any printers, drawers, etc, and needed drivers for those devices on each PC.
  8. Go to Management on each PC and under local config, setup your printers, cash drawers, and displays.
Once this is done, download and install the Gravity (formerly ChargeItPro) integration from our downloads section, and install it to each PC that will be taking orders.
Call Gravity Payments to assist with the remainder of the installation, they usually remote in and help install the latest version, or they can direct you to where this is on their website.

You may want to contact Gravity before doing any of this to setup a time with them. The POS Pizza side of things is really quite simple as pointed out with the steps above, and should only take you about 10 minutes on the server, and 5 or so minutes on each client PC.

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