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POS Pizza v8

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POS Pizza v8 has been released!

New Features in version 8:
  • 4:3 forced aspect ratio (per station) option allows you to force a 4:3 aspect ratio of Main POS, Premium POS, Dine-in module, make line screens, and Driver dispatch to a standard aspect ratio. This will mainly only benefit those using wide screen monitors, but selecting this option will also make the task bar visible on all screens. Use in conjunction with the "disable topmost" property can be useful in some cases. *CAUTION: doing this can cause the auto-logoff feature and keyboard to not work if the main screen loses focus. Once the app regains focus (by clicking on it or touching it), they will resume working as normal.
  • Integration with Bing for address verification, and other services has been added. Address verification will make sure that the address is accurate, and make any needed corrections and then save the properly spelled street names, etc to the database.
  • Geolocated delivery zones allows creating delivery areas based on distance/direction of a customer's address from the store's address. This method uses direct (point to point, not driving distances) distance and direction calculations to determine A) if a customer falls within a specific zone or not, and B) what the delivery charge for that particular address will be. *NOTE: This requires Bing to be enabled.
  • A second Alternate Address has been added to the customer accounts allowing delivery to either the primary or alternate addresses. All cashiers can toggle the addresses, and have the ability to edit the alternate address. Whichever address is selected will be assigned to that specific order and printers will all print that address except in the case of credit card slips where the primary address will always be used. If you create one order using an alternate address, then create a new order and edit the alternate address, each order will have a different address tied to it, as delivery addresses are now always saved with the order itself.
  • Delivery routing is now possible when using Bing. Delivery addresses chosen by the driver will be put in the best possible order taking into consideration the time of day, traffic conditions etc, and then turn-by-turn directions will be printed for the route, if either the summary sheet printing is enabled, or customer receipt on driver console is enabled. The instructions will print on either or both, so full page printers and receipt printers are supported.
  • Credit Card Surcharge / Cash Discount can now be automatically setup (one or the other) to be calculated when cashing out an order. Credit card surcharges will be added to the total, and will therefore work with all existing payment processing modules. Please make sure that using a card surcharge is legal in your area before enabling this feature!
  • Automatic gratuity can also be enabled for certain order types, exceeding a certain subtotal.
  • Enhanced printer scripting has had new codes added to it to support the new features like cash discount, card surcharge, etc as well as a new code was added to print the customer's full address without including the customer name like the other full address code does. See the included file "Receipt Printing Scripting Codes.txt" for a complete list of print scripting codes.
  • Printer definitions can now be imported and exported, as well as the default definitions can be reset to default settings. Resetting to default is a handy way to update all of the default scripts in your database with the new features. If you have edited the default scripts, then export them first, then reset them, then re-import them. This will give you two copies of the definition allowing you to copy changes between them.
  • Minimum subtotal restrictions can now be set on Credit Cards, and the Custom currency payment types. If an order's subtotal isn't above the minimum, then that payment type won't be available at cash out.
  • Day-of-week filtering has been added to the pricing schemes, allowing a scheme to only be available on certain day(s) of the week. This makes creating things like two-fer-Tuesdays easy.
  • A new make line screen (2) has been added to the package. This new version shows orders in the cells instead of items. All items for a given order will be in the same cell, and when a cell is completed all labels for the items contained will be printed and completed at once. CAUTION: There could be instances with very large orders where items will not all fit within the box. The original make line screen is still there too, so you can use either or both.
  • Whenever item(s) are re-sent to the make line now, the originals will be removed as the new ones are sent. This will only affect the screens since printer modules print and remove the items immediately upon receiving them.
  • A new Bulk Price Change Tool has been added allowing to you change all items (or all matching items). This tool can increase or decrease prices in whole amounts, or in percentages. You can also optionally have it change the topping prices too. Percentage changed prices will be rounded to whatever rounding rule that you have setup in global config. TIP: To have prices nicely rounded to the nickel, go into global config and change the rounding to nickels, and then run the tool using a percentage increase or decrease. When the tool has finished, go back to global config and set the rounding back to what it was before. CAUTION: Backup your menus before doing this in case of mishaps! Do this with either a full database backup or the XML Menu Import/Export tool!
  • Drastically improved the performance of the XML Menu Import/Export Tool.
  • XML Menu Import/Export Tool now includes Upsell Items, and Premium POS profiles. Including the Premium profiles is really nice because now you don't need to move your profiles using the Premium POS Profile Tool. Now just create an XML export of your menus, and then import that into another database and you have everything menu related copied. CAUTION: if you import an older version of the XML which does not include Upsell items, your current upsell items will be lost! Premium POS profiles are only replaced if they are present in the XML being imported. If they are present, then all existing profiles removed and the ones from the XML will be used.
  • The Management program will now hide all global config editing options when launched from within the POS. To see these options, launch the app directly from the Windows desktop instead. The message that showed when launching from the POS in older versions has also been removed as a result.
  • All of the tray apps (Future Order, SMS Dispatcher, Make Line Print-Only) have been changed to wait indefinitely for the server if the server is not available when they startup. The apps will start as soon as the sever becomes available.
  • Receipts will not not print a price on zero-priced items. This is particularly useful for comments, notes, and when group names are printed.
  • SMS Dispatcher can now optionally send emails instead of texts for manager notification messages (clock in/out, bad mgr password, hourly reports).
  • Changed "waived" delivery fee status so that it is now stored in the order record. This makes reprinting receipts and viewing the Sales Summary report more accurate as it will show the waived status at the time the order was created. *NOTE: This may cause some anomalies when viewing reports with data created prior to this change if you are using waived delivery fees. Data created with this version or later will work correctly.
Both the Online Ordering package and MenuDrive have also had updates released for to be compatible with POS Pizza v8. If you are using any form of online ordering, including Brygid and are upgrading to version 8 of the POS, make sure that you upgrade the OO package along with it. All version numbers for online packages are now using 8.xx to keep in line with the POS version's version numbers. This will make it easier in the future to know which add-ons are compatible with which POS versions. If you are unsure, please ask.

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