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POSP Reports - a 3rd party reporting tool for POSPizza

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4/1/21 update: 16 more downloads! One new report added.

12/29 update: 27 downloads so far, made an improvement based on user feedback. Some having issues with antivirus blocking the installer. Please see install notes regarding this.

Greetings pizza shop owners. Over the last year and a half and with some assistance from Scott, Ive developed software called POSP Reports. It supplements the reports in POSPizza, with new ways to look at your sales customers, and operations data. The program installs on the POSPizza POS computer, and reports can be viewed from any PC or smartphone. The program is highly secure, using login authentication access and authorized computer ID tracking. Also worth mentioning that this is a read-only program. It is simply not capable to change anything in your POSPizza setup.

POSP Reports currently offers 28 charts and reports designed to help owners manage their business. Charts have user definable filters that allow you to customize. The easy-to-use menu interface is the anchor point to launch reports. For multiple restaurant locations, POSP Reports can be installed at each location (even the trial version), and can simultaneously view reports for all locations from a single interface.
There's a 30-day trial feature for all POSPizza customers. Install and experiment with the many reports At the end of the trial period or any time before, you may purchase the licensed version or else remove it with Windows Uninstaller.

POSP Reports launch menu


Here are but a few of the many available reports

Smartphone menu and Projected end-of-month sales example.

Image Image

Year-over-year Sales. Compare this year's to last year's sales, by week.


Day-of-Week Sales trend. View effects of your promotions, or the competitions promotions.


Review sales trends of specific order items. See what is selling. Promote new menu items and monitor the effect.


New customers vs. lost customers. Compare new signups to customers that no longer order.


POSP Reports consists of the following:
(If there is something specific that you need just let me know at viewtopic.php?f=52&t=2198

Section A - Daily Reports (intended for quick viewing of today’s business activities, viewable on smartphone)

- Today's sales and order totals – Real time sales and order count.
- Projected monthly sales – projection based on sales so far this month, compares to last month and same month last year
- Today’s orders – full order and order item detail of orders taken today
- Today’s voids – breakout of all order void detail including cashier, customer, reason, if paid, payment method, for today.

Section B – Operations Reports (reporting tools to assist with manager maintenance activities)

- Shift close balances and trend chart - inspect shift close accuracy, filtered by cashier, with trend chart
- Voids detail - track voids history with displaying reason, payment method, cashier, customer name and more
- Specific customer transactions – list all transactions for a given customer name match. Track cashiers using points to purchase items.
- Find Down-edited, cash paid orders – list orders where cash payment taken, and order later edited removing items.
Possible source of lost revenue.
- Cashout report Inspect the cashout orders detail. Including order date, cashier, customer, customer contact info.
Look for cashier trends. Also useful to get order date when voiding old orders in the POS.

Section C - Business Analytics (tools to inspect sales, customers, discounts and loyalty points in a variety of ways)

- Sales and Orders trends – basic trend chart with definable timeframe
- Sales and orders per order type trends - trend chart broken out by order type with definable timeframe
- Year-over-year sales and orders trends – compare this and last year’s weekly sales
- Sales and orders by day-of-week – multi-week trend chart of day-of-week trends
- Sales and orders by time-of-day – multi-week trend chart of time-of-day trends
- Discounts trend – Evaluate discount dollars against sales, dual trend chart
- Loyalty points trend – Evaluate effectiveness of loyalty points towards sales in this dual trend chart
- Customer last order date chart and spreadsheet – quickly locate high sale customers who stopped ordering
Total spent, order frequency, last order date, sign-up date and contact information is exposed.
- New and lost customer trend – inspect and compare rates of new signups with lost customers
- Voids as percent of sales – track overall quality as measured by customer cancellation rates
- Pie group sales trend – Select up to 5 pie groups to view pie group sales side by side
- Combined Pie groups sales and orders trend – Select up to 5 pie groups to view their combined sales and order counts
- Order item sales trend – Select up to 3 order item match strings and one exclusion match string to view order item sales side by side


- While on your POSPizza server computer, download the three files listed below

- When all are downloaded, on the bottom of your browser screen, click on the POSPReports _v1.1.zip .

- When the WinZIP app opens, drag the 3 files from the WinZIP screen to your Windows desktop. Close WinZIP by clicking on the X in the top right corner

- Click on POSPReportsSETUP file from your Windows desktop to run the installer. Follow the instruction. You will be asked to provide your name, email and business name.
(This is necessary to validate that you are in fact authorized to view your business reports.)

Note: Windows Defender or other antivirus software might block the POSP Reports installer from running. If this occurs, right-click on the installer icon and delete it. Again drag the POSPReportsSETUP file from the WinZip screen to your desktop. Then locate your antivirus software icon in the system tray (bottom right corner of your screen). Right click the antivirus icon and disable it for at least 10 minutes. Finally rerun the installer by clicking on its icon.

- When installation completes, run POSP Reports by clicking on its desktop icon Image .
Enter the login password you provided during installation and choose a report to view.
There is a help screen to get you started. Click on the question mark on the bottom left of the screen for the help menu.

For remote viewing of reports, refer to the included Setup_read_me file

Stay safe and healthy
Regis Wheeler
POSP Reports
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