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POS Pizza 7 (7.00.00)

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POS Pizza 7 (7.00.00):

POS Pizza 7 has officially released. This new version adds many new features, and a completely new POS module for full versions. The new Premium POS module gives you complete control over your POS interface and workflow. See this web page for more details and screen shots of the Premium POS module.

Below is a list of new features included in this version of POS Pizza.
  • Added Premium POS Module - Optional add-on module to replace Main POS Module. [CS] & [SA] versions.
  • Added per-customer discounts. [CS] & [SA] versions.
  • Added per-customer delivery charges. All versions.
  • Added global Max Reward Points setting. Set max reward points that customers can have. 0 disables the max. All versions.
  • Added individual report access for each report in employee editor. All versions.
  • Added selectable reports to quick reports button in Main POS, Premium POS and Dine-In modules. All versions.
  • Added the ability to change the clock type for Main POS and Driver modules. All versions.
  • Added Suggested Gratuity. All versions (POS receipts only).
  • Added additional features to graphical receipt printing for new additions and for line spacing control. [CS] & [SA] versions.
  • Added optional new add/modify Item screen with topping icons to Main POS, Dine-In, and Quick-Add modules. [CS] & [SA] versions.
  • Added Upsell item suggestions feature to Main POS module. [CS] & [SA] versions.
  • Added Required Item Groups to Master Items. [CS] & [SA] versions.
  • Added Exact Required Toppings - requires an exact amount, not a minimum like the normal required toppings. All versions.
  • Added "out-of-store" delivery times to time clock summary report (Must use driver dispatch). [CS] version.
  • Added Employee Messaging - Managers can send messages to employees which they will see at next clock-in or login. All versions.
  • Added Employee Messaging Reports. All versions.
  • Added All payment types being available in Driver Dispatch. [CS] version.
  • Added Rounding to 5s up or banker's style in addition to the standard rounding for taxes and discounts. All versions.
  • Changed when new printer def is created it now includes new feature codes for payment types and line spacing. [CS] & [SA] versions.
  • Changed employee time clock entry editor to use 64-bit IDs internally allowing handling of more entries. All versions.
  • Changed menu XML import/export tool to handle new menu features like exact toppings, and item groups. All versions.
  • Updated Sample Data in DB Creation to to showcase some of the newer features. All versions.
If you are upgrading from v6.81 or prior, you must update your card processing module if you are processing with one of the integrated solutions. If you are upgrading from v6.90 or later, this does not apply to you. All payment processing modules, and caller ID modules can be found on our main downloads page.

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