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POS Pizza 6 (6.90.02)

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POS Pizza 6 (6.90.02):

POS Pizza v6.90 Update.

New In This Update:
  • Added - New payment processing API for 3rd party developers allows development for any payment processor. [CS] & [SA] only
  • Added - 4 new quick cash keys that can be used for standard denominations of cash taken to speed up order payment.
  • Added - 2 new custom payment types (1 in LT version) added for additional forms of payment at cashout.
  • Added - Options to globally disable various payment types.
  • Added - Option to globally disable rewards points.
  • Added - Option to globally disable using the "Same card as last time" when using a processor that supports this feature.
  • Added - Mutiple external payment processors can be used, one per payment type.
  • Added - Card processing Integration with Heartland Payments using the PAX Terminals. This supports the new chip cards, future Chip/PIN cards, and Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
  • Changed - Configuration Database, and order records to accomodate new features.
  • Changed - Free Toppings are now calculated using order of toppings as found on the item.
  • Changed - Variable amounts can now be used with internal gift cards instead of fixed amounts.
  • Changed - Currency types for currency counter now moved to Global Config data, and stored centrally in the main database.


POS Pizza 6.90 was not going to be released, and contains some extensive internal changes that are going to become v7.0. The card processing API and approvals from the current integrations have really held things up, so we are releassing 6.90 to help you make the transition to v7. This is a free update for all current POS Pizza 6.x users.

External payment processing has been completely reworked in this version of the POS to enable the new payment API for developers. External Payment processing can be added for each of the following types: Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Debit Cards, Checks, Custom Type 1, and Custom type 2. Each payment type can have a different processor, or can be the same.

If you are using one of our integrated card processors, you will need to download the NEW PAYMENT MODULE for that processor, in order for it to work in 6.90. The previous integration will be ignored by v6.90. The good news is that these modules now have new easier to use installers.

Online Ordering: Again since this update changed many parts of the database, the original online ordering module WILL NOT FUNCTION correctly when used with POS Pizza 6.90. If you are installing POS Pizza 6.90, you must also install Online ordering 4.01 to work along with it. You will not see any changes to the standard Online Ordering, other than it is compatible with POS Pizza v6.90. THe XML Ordering APIs have been slightly updated.

This update will make the transition to v7 much smoother since many of the complex database changes are already included in this version. When upgrading follow the steps below, in order to ensure a smooth transition.

STEPS TO UPGRADE TO v6.90 (From any v6.xx version)

1. Download the 6.x installer for your specific version ([CS], [SA], or [LT]).
2. Stop ALL running parts of the POS on your stations. This includes things like future order servers, print servers, SMS, etc..
3. Install the client on your first station (or only station for SA and LT).
4. Run the Management Utility directly from the desktop icon, or the Windows "Start" menu.
5. Go into Global System Config, and go to the last two tab pages on the far right, and confirm the settings.
7. At this point you are good to run, and install other stations if you are using the CS version. Update all clients to 6.90.
8. If you are using one of the Integrated Card processing modules, download the installer for your processor from our main downloads page.
9. Install the Card processor integration on ALL order-entry stations where payment will be made.

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