POS Pizza 6 (6.20.00)

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POS Pizza 6 (6.20.00)

Post by Scott »

POS Pizza 6 (6.20.00):

POS Pizza v6.2 Update (final new release for Dine-In, Beta is officially finished).

New In This Update:
  • Added - Dine-In Module w/Reservations to CS Version.
  • Added - Dine-In Module Documentation (CS Version).
  • Added - XML Import/Export for Menu data. This makes moving menus between multiple locations easy.
  • Added - Menu Item Toppings Validation Tool. Changes topping names, short names, and weight units to match master toppings data.
  • Added - Item Toppings Price changer to help mass-change individual toppings pricing.
  • Added - Dine-In Table Stats Report to CS version
  • Added - Employee Cashout Report
  • Added - Tips for each employee to Time Clock Summary Report
  • Added - X-Charge & ChargeItPro can now charge the same card used in a previous transaction.
  • Changed - Bank Deposit & Drawer Close reports to reflect Waitstaff/Cashier Tips.
  • Changed - Mouse-Over behavior on Toppings Buttons so they don't show highlight color anymore.
  • Changed - Online Ordering Web Server to Use "GET" Method for sending forms rather that "POST" for better compatibility w/proxies, and Opera browser.
  • Changed - Non-Driver Tips on Payment Summary report were not originally taken into account. This is now changed to accommodate the new dine-in module.
  • Changed - Toppings Editor doesn't change decimal places based on currency settings. Topping Amts can now be up to 4 decimal places always.
  • Fixed - Exported Record Count on Payroll Export not showing actual CSV record count.
  • Fixed - MakeLine Printing issue when sorting was enabled.
  • Fixed - Failed Login Dialog during Age Validation check showed up behind main window.

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