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POS Pizza 6.00.00

Post by Scott »


POS Pizza v6 is now officially released! To upgrade to POS Pizza v6.0 you will need to contact sales.

New Features: There are a ton of them, Below is a snippet from the "Whats New.txt" file that ships with the system.
  • Complete Rewrite of original package, all new code!
  • Built on SQLite database technology for rock solid database performance
  • Changed all modules making countless graphical improvements throughout the package
  • Changed documentation to a more friendly step-by-step format
  • Added Multiple Credit Card Processor Support
  • Added Gift Card Support (Internal, No processor needed... or via an external processor)
  • Added Debit Card Processing Support
  • Added True Client/Server Architecture (CS Version) that directly supports remote management
  • Remotely access multiple stores from a single copy of the management utility (CS Version)
  • Added Free Lite version of the software (never expires)
  • Changed top graphic on Main POS & Driver Stations to show license name (optional graphic supported)
  • Changed Category count to Unlimited Item Categories
  • Changed Items per Order to unlimited
  • Changed Toppings per Item to unlimited
  • Made countless enhancements to employee/user security
  • Added Fully configurable graphical customer receipts with Logo support
  • Added Customer Loyalty
  • Quick-Add Module now supports different settings at different stations
  • Quick-Add now supports external icon assignments to menu keys
  • Delivery Fees Automatically Calculated based on Addresses
  • Added Ability to block delivery to certain addresses (or all for non-delivery business)
  • Added Google Maps to Main POS and Drivers stations
  • Changed 2-For-1 Pricing to Special Pricing Schemes. Now much more flexible.
  • Added New Clock-In / Clock-Out variations (List, Mag-Card, ID/PW).
  • Added Magnetic Card Logins
  • Added Credit Limits on in-house customer tabs
  • Added custom field to customer accounts for use with hotels or large businesses (eg. Room #)
  • Added Resend Item or Items to make-lines
  • Improved Make-Line monitor, now 6-cells and full graphical app instead of console app.
  • Added Late status to make-line screen by color of order # & time
  • Added audible alert when new items arrive at a make-line station
  • Added Full Customer Order History, and Duplicate ANY previous order from order entry
  • Added the ability to reprint any receipt from any date
  • Added Split Order option to allow breaking large orders down to multiple smaller orders
  • Added Age Verification (optional Drivers License Swipe in states that support it)
  • Improved Item Requirements enforcement
  • Added direct filtering for kitchen receipt printer so that they can only print certain items.
  • Improved Sales Tax handling of when they are applied (eg. Dine,Delivery,Carryout)
  • Improved receipt printing (when to print on which printers)
  • Added Ability to change the number of decimal places in currency amounts (up to 4 places)
  • Added multiple database support (eg. Training, Archive, Normal)
  • Added Inventory Tracking of on-hand amounts and physical counting
  • Low inventory items show in yellow or red on Modifiers screen
  • Added Swap Item to allow changing sizes on an order item keeping modifiers in tact
  • Added drop slip printing to driver console stations
  • More than 1 driver console can now be run at a time
  • Changed Close Day to open and close individual registers (open shift, close shift)
  • Changed reports making major enhancements to clarity and readability
  • Changed Licensing Method to a much more friendly less cumbersome method. NO MORE RENEWALS needed!
If you can't wait to get started, you can go to our downloads section now and download the [LT] version of the software. You can see some of the new features in this version as well as convert your current version's data. POS Pizza 6 can be installed on the same machine(s) as your current version of the software without any problems whatsoever. POS Pizza 6 installs to a completely new location, so accept the defaults and don't install it on top of your current installation. Click on this PDF guide to help you convert form 5 to 6.

See the new forums for additional information.

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Re: POS Pizza 6.00.00

Post by Scott »

You will notice that the Dine-In module is not included in version 6 at this time. It will be done very soon, but since so few people are using it we decided to release the main package first without the dine-in module. Since POS Pizza 6 now handles unlimited items per order, some may even find that they no longer need the dine-in module. It will be coming very soon however, along with some new add-on packages.

All new packages will be announced here.

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