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POS Pizza v5.50

Postby Scott » Sat Nov 29, 2008 2:38 am

POS Pizza v5.50 is now available for download. This module is fully compliant with Windows Vista's UAC.

If you are upgrading on Vista then you should probably do a backup, un-install the older version and then install this version, and restore the backup. POS Pizza should be installed in C:\POS Pizza (instead of C:\Program Files\POS Pizza). If you do this, you will need to manually create a folder called POSPZ_BACKUPS on the root of your C: drive. Then copy the backup file to this folder. After v5.50 is installed just select C: as your source drive.

The screens in the Main POS, Driver Console, and Dine-In Module now automatically re-size to your current screen size. They even work with the new wide-screen monitors. If you are running LCD you can now boost the resolution to make things look a lot sharper. The fonts sizes also automatically adjust depending on the screen height pixels. Below is a snippet of the whatsnew.txt file from v5.50. It has everything that POS Pizza 5.1 + Update Pack 6a + Dine-In Module + KPrint had with a few other additions. Below is the short list.

Code: Select all
Version 5.5 (11/28/2008)
* No longer supports Windows 95, 98, or ME, as a result many new features are now supported.

* Full Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) support added and UAC compliant. (If not installed
  in \Program Files folder, this will effect upgrades, new installs are no longer installed
  in Program Files).

* Dine-In Module now included in base package instead of selling separately.  Shares node licenses
  with Main POS module.

* KPrint Module now included in base package with better integration than add-on version supported.

* Main Module, Driver Console, and Dine-In modules now automatically resize and adjust font heights
  to support any screen resolution of at least 800x600.  Wide-Screens are also supported.

* Quick-Add module now supports 34 fully customizable buttons (2-pages).  Used by Main POS module,
  and Dine-In module.

* ListView for end-day reports is now sortable by date, etc..

* Backup / Restore module now no longer uses root folder for Vista UAC.

* Category changer now supports all 10 categories.

* Adding Groups in Main POS module is now a list format like the Dine-In module.

* Stand-Alone Purge Make-Line utility added.

* All Documentation has been integrated into 4 primary document files.

* All Reports, Utility and Update Pack Items are now part of the base package.

Go to www.summitcn.com/download.html to get your copy.

This should be installed only when things are slow in your shop, since it will require that the server reboots, which will in-turn require the clients to be rebooted as well. ;)


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Re: POS Pizza v5.50

Postby Scott » Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:17 am

5.50.07 has just been released.

Fingerprints on Win 7 issue has been fixed.

Close Day Editor has been fixed.

Profits Report and other reports that used close periods have been fixed.


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