2-for-1 group feild

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2-for-1 group feild

Post by 241pizza »

I am having trouble

I an trying to set up 2 for 1. What is the group feild, and how do I set up group codes

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Re: 2-for-1 group feild

Post by Scott »

from managers documentation:The 2 For 1 Group field will
also become active when the 2-For-1 box is checked. The group field must be filled out with any
single character. This character can be a letter, a number, or a symbol. The thing to remember is
that in order for this item to get 2-For-1 pricing, it MUST be in an order with another 2-For-1
item that is a member of the same group code. If we create an item and assign it a 2-For-1
Group Code of A this item will only be eligible for 2-For-1 pricing if more than 1 of these A
items are placed on an order. Please note that the group code is an exact code so a would be
different from A. These codes ARE case sensitive so if they do not match each other EXACTLY
they will be treated as members of different groups. Once an order is placed that contains
multiple items that are members of the same group code, the lowest price item will be reduced to
a FREE item and the highest priced item will be retained. This will occur for every pair of items
found in the order that are members of the same group code. All items in a common group will
be sorted from highest cost to lowest cost, and for every pair of items, one of the lowest cost
items will have its price changed to a free item. Below is a sample order to give you an idea of
how 2-For-1 Pricing works in POS Pizza:

1. Lg. Pizza (2-For-1 Group A) $10.00
2. Md. Pizza (2-For-1 Group A) $ 7.00
3. Lg. Pizza w/Pep, Msh (2-For-1 Group A) $12.00
4. 6” Italian Sub (2-For-1 Group a) $ 1.50

If the items above were all on the same order, the total charge to the customer would be $23.50.
This is because the A items would all be looked at first. Of these items the least expensive is
$7.00 so it would be reduce to $0.00. Once this is done this item would be dropped from the list,
and so would the highest priced item ($12.00), which would leave only a single item on the list.
Since a single item remains, it is not eligible for 2-For-1 by itself.
The group code is nothing more than a unique identifier to separate different items that have 2-for-1 pricing, but are not eligible with each other. If any 2-for-1 item on your menu is eligible with any other 2-for-1 item, simply use a 1 or some other number here. These must be the same number all all of your 2-for-1 items. If the numbers are different between items, then they are not eligible for 2-for-1 pricing when paired with each other. When the numbers are the same, then they are eligible for 2-for-1 pricing.

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