Topping costs...

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Topping costs...

Post by GeoDaddy »

I guess I was assuming that Topping Costs - on the Topping table - were used in the roll up of an Item's Cost (i.e. Select the Topping and the associated cost is added...)

But I see that the Topping cost is only a heuristic assessment of what the Topping costs the business. The Cost of Topping - specidfically on the Item Topping pages includes the mark up or takes the loss of what the business wants to chrage for the use of that topping.


How about this...

I wanna charge for a Topping, say Olives, used on a Pizza, but NOT on a Sandwich/Sub ( I guess because I would use a lot more on a Pizza or I just don't feel that the extra costs on a sandwich are practical...)

While I can define these costs on the Item/Topping screens...

I was also putting them into the Topping table as "Cheese" for a sandwich with "zero" Cost and defined Toppings like "Cheese - Extra" and "Cheese - Feta" as toppings WITH a Cost value.

Aside from better sorting/grouping on the Select Toppings dialog box...

I think this will allow the user to better see that there are "two" (or many more) ways to look at "cheese" or "olives" or toppings/condiments.

Feel free to poke holes in my idea - or warn me about trouble down the road.


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Post by Scott »

Topping sorting can be enabled or disabled on a per-item basis.

Not everyone likes to sort their toppings, many of our clients like to put the most commonly used toppings first, followed by less common ones. You can do it either way in the POS system. You can have them sorted alphabetically, or have the order that you entered them in retained.

It seems most people like to set their own order and then import that order into subsequent items added later.

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