POS Pizza v5.1 Released!

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POS Pizza v5.1 Released!

Postby Scott » Tue Feb 08, 2005 3:55 pm

POS Pizza v5.1 is now available for downloading at our downloads page.

Changes to this version are mostly cosmetic, but since there were so many different v5.0.x.xx versions it is recommended that everyone upgrade to this version. There is no upgrade fee if you already own v5.0 of the software. Some owners of v4.0 are also eligible for a free upgrade to this version.

Changes Include:
  • Bug Fixes on Certain Reports using voided order data.
  • Typo and Spelling Corrections in various parts of the program.
  • Added "Working..." dialogs in certain places where network lag may be noticed on some systems
  • Added Windows ME & 98SE enhancements and Warnings due to known file caching issues with these OS's.
  • Updated Database Engine to latest revison available
  • Added v4-Style Paid-Out Report, due to many requests for this report to be put back
  • Streamlined Install Process, specifically for v4 to v5 upgrades (Data Conversion).


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