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Postby mohlotf » Mon Aug 10, 2020 12:21 pm

Does Geolocated delivery zones work for online ordering too?

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Re: Geolocated

Postby Scott » Mon Aug 10, 2020 4:43 pm

Yes, with the new (soon to be released) online ordering (v8) it does, but with previous online ordering packages, it does not. The previous packages will still use the delivery zone rules.

Online Ordering v8.x will support the following;
  • Will always use the customer's alternate address. New accounts created will create both, but edits and deliveries from that point on will always use the alternate.
  • Will add the delivery address to the order record (the old packages won't, since the order record at the time did not contain the address).
  • Automatic gratuity (if applied).
  • Address Verification Services.
  • Geolocated delivery zone enforcement.
  • Items that are "excluded" from having discounts applied (effects online coupons).
  • SSL sending of customer emails.
  • StartTLS authentication to SMTP servers.
  • "Inline" embedded images in HTML emails.
  • Automatic "plain text" version of email generated from HTML.
  • Persistent cgi licensing service. Service will continue to wait until it can obtain a licensed connection, instead of stopping like previous versions.

This new online ordering version will be released at the same time as POS Pizza v.8.


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