ChargitPro / Gravity PAX300S integration bug

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ChargitPro / Gravity PAX300S integration bug

Postby crwheelr » Wed Oct 20, 2021 2:32 pm

This is a note to all who use CIP with PAX terminal.
I urge you to put pressure on CIP/Gravity to get this fixed

The problem is that when "default to manual", "use tips", and "prompt for tips" are checked in the Payment Processing configuration screen in POSPizza. For DELIVERY PHONE ORDERS where cc info needs to be entered over the phone manually on the PC, the PAX still gets signaled to enter a tip and enter signature. This is an incorrect behavior since the customer is not present. The PAX integration should bypass any on screen activity for the manual entry mode. Essentially a credit card receipt gets printed and customer needs to fill in tip and sign the slip upon delivery of product. Then tips get added through the legacy POSPizza "Add tips" function.

Since the 'default to manual' integration behavior is flawed in that it is requiring PAX entry for tips and signature, the only work around is to configure via POSPizza Payment Processing as "default to manual", "do NOT use tips". This work around is far from optimal for walk in customers since they must sign on the PAX, and then write in the tip on a paper credit card slip. Its quite awkward to request customers to write in a tip if they wish.

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