Delivery Orders

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Delivery Orders

Postby gman » Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:49 pm

Hi guys - Just got POS and have a couple of questions regarding delivery orders. The flow I would like to implement is to be able to have an order taken on the phone. I plan on using makeline screens and don't want to have receipts printed when the order is taken. Instead I would like for the driver to be able to print a receipt when they checkout the the order for delivery. How are you handling? Are you printing receipts and credit card slips as soon as the order is taken and put them in a separate tray for drivers to sort out? How do you prevent drivers from taking each other's deliveries? I'm ok with printing them before hand but when it gets busy I don't want a driver to take a receipt which has address and credit card slip (or even without it) deliver the food take the money and not have the order added to his list for delivery on the computer.

Any suggestions appreciated about how you have implemented the delivery workflows.


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