Can Tool Buttons be moved? + CC Tips question

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Can Tool Buttons be moved? + CC Tips question

Postby wcpc » Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:18 pm

Now that I have installed integrated Credit Card processing with ChargeItPro, on my "classic" POS Pizza 7, can I move or "swap" the "CC Functs Button" on the 2nd screen with the "Calculator Button" on the 1st Screen? I can't find where I can customize button positions...

This would be handy as there are many occasions when I wish to quickly access the Credit Card button...

Also, once I enter a Tip on an order, is there any way to change it? There are occasions where the Tip is entered wrong, but the order "drops off" the Tip screen, and it appears to me there is no "2nd chance" to fix a mistake.

Also, is there a "streamlined" way to enter Tips at the end of the night, the only way I have found is through the CC Functs Button, and that is a slow one-at-a-time process...

Thanks for your help and response!
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Re: Can Tool Buttons be moved? + CC Tips question

Postby Scott » Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:16 pm

The buttons in the Main POS module cannot be modified. Only the 2 custom buttons at the bottom of the 3rd tools page can be changed and they can only launch external apps or websites.

Only the Premium POS Module allows you to put any buttons anywhere that you need them.

Once a tip is processed, an order cannot be further modified. You can still void the original order, then re-create a new order by importing the voided order, and then process that one by card and add the proper tip.

Each tip has to be processed one at a time because these are tokenized transactions. I'm not sure if the processor's website offers this capability, but it would not put the tips into the POS system.


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