Install Driver Console only

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Install Driver Console only

Postby gmollineau » Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:16 am


Currently we use the Driver Console for Employee Clock-in and Clock-out. The monitor used for this is connected to the server.

For security reasons I would like to have a separate computer with only the Driver Console installed on that computer which will be using the database on the server. This way I can totally 'lock' that computer into ONLY the Driver Console. My questions are:

1. can I install only the Driver Console on a Computer. If not what is the minimum barebones install that I can do to achieve this
2. Will this require an additional client license? If yes, what is the cost?
3. How can I have the Driver Console Startup during system startup?

Thanks in advance for your usual prompt and helpful response.


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Re: Install Driver Console only

Postby Scott » Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:52 am

Hi Gerald,

Run the client installer and choose the Driver Console Only install. You may want to temporarily install the mangement tool on that computer to configure any local printers that it may be using. Once this is done, you can go into the folder and delete Manager.exe or uninstall, then re-install with a driver console only. Uninstalling will not remove the local settings for that machine.

No additional client licenses are required. Client licenses are only for stations run Main POS, Premium POS, Dine-In or Online Ordering.

You can drag a driver console shortcut to the "Startup" folder in Windows to have it auto-launch.


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