settings keep changing back to orginnal

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settings keep changing back to orginnal

Postby erkanfl » Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:16 pm

hi i have recently installed v6.92 and database 1.24 i guess it was most recent one ,and every time i change settings ,like change business adress ,city state ,min delivery day begin time on global system config , and default order type on main pos module set up probably couple more things i haven't realized yet i change all this settings save and exit from manager utility ,and log back in to manager utility everything is good like i set them up ,but when i go to one the stations and start an order with cell phone number it comes to order entry screen with unselected order type , and that time when log back into manager utility i see all that settings i made is gone back to original i have done it with disconnecting the stations ,restarting the database ,with all different combinations i am running windows 7 btw thanks a lot

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Re: settings keep changing back to orginnal

Postby Scott » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:08 am

Make sure that every station is on 6.92. It sounds like you have some stations running 6.81 or prior in the network.

Another possibility is that one of the other stations is running while making the changes and updating the main config after your changes, which would change it back. When making low-level changes, it is best to exit all other stations to the Windows desktop first. Make the changes by running the Management Utility directly from the desktop (not launching from the POS), and then starting the stations up again. This is because you save changes on one station, and then begin using another which hasn't updated yet, and then it writes a change back to the database, along with all of the other old settings. This is normal because the config record is only loaded once every 10 minutes by the running stations. By them doing this and keeping a local copy in memory, the system runs much faster. This is why when you launch the management utility from the POS it shows that warning message when returning. Doing things like changing items, customers, and employees or just viewing reports is fine in that mode, but low-level stuff should always be done while other stations are shut down to the desktop.

If you have mixed versions, you can see a similar thing happen because 6.90 and newer all use a new config record in the database, 6.81 and earlier all use the original.


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