my database crushed 4th time in different computers

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my database crushed 4th time in different computers

Postby erkanfl » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:33 am

hi scott i have 2 station POS ,and my databse crushed first time a while ago and it keeps giving error my database crushed 4th time in different computers ,i had to do all installation ,set ups and menu set up all over again
last time i post it you said something with harddisk of the computer but it does same thing on other computers too ,i have bought brand new computer it did that on that too ,i am tired of doing a installation in middle of saturday rush
i guess error code was something about configurations ,error 4 or 7 i am not sure please help me , i keep losing all my costumer and menu data
i was thinking about getting V7 with extra stations but i doubt about it now

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Re: my database crushed 4th time in different computers

Postby Scott » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:50 am

First of all make sure that you are running the latest version of the software. 6.92 is where you should be unless you are on v7.

6.90 and 6.91 brought in a new config and allowed the potential for corruption depending on how the system is being used. We had a few people report issues, but it only kept happening to those few people and others had no issues at all, so as a result we could not pinpoint the exact issue, and opted for an all db global lock and validation method on config writes to stop it from happening. For everyone who has upgraded to 6.92 (or newer) we have not seen the issue reappear.

6.92 and newer use record locking for config changes across all databases on the server and also block writing of data that doesn't match certain attributes to a config record.

Update all of the PCs to v6.92 and update your caller ID software to 7.00.00 since the new global config lock support has been added there as well.


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