Discounts on certain items / bulk orders

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Discounts on certain items / bulk orders

Postby pwanderson » Fri Apr 15, 2016 7:41 pm

We are trying set up a discount if you buy multiple pizzas for example

if you buy 1 pizza it is X Dollars
if you buy 2 to 4 pizzas it's X Dollars - 15 %
if you buy 5 to 9 pizzas it's X Dollars - 20 %
If you buy 10 or more it's X Dollars - 25 %

but I only want the discount taken off the Pizzas If they order wings and 10 pizzas it would be 25% off the pizzas but the wings would be full price

Any suggestions on how to set that up?

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Re: Discounts on certain items / bulk orders

Postby Scott » Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:21 pm

There is no way to automate a discount in the way that you describe. Your best solution would be to put the normal items in as a line item, then use the non-inventory item and the associated discount calculator to generate the proper discount for the previous line item group.


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