little complicated stiation

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little complicated stiation

Postby erkanfl » Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:06 pm

hi Scott ,i have another question for you
ok we are using credit card machines using internet ,and these machines getting the internet from computers (registers) using Ethernet cables ,and computers are connected to internet via wifi ,so sometimes specially when starting the pos pizza program ,it gives me connection error (i think the programs trying to connect to internet via ethernet cables ),i have to unplug the card machines and start the programs ,and plug the card machines back , so is there any way to avoid this situation ??? thank you

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Re: little complicated stiation

Postby Scott » Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:02 am


  1. Set the IP address on the computer running the database server portion as a STATIC IP on your LAN. Make sure that the address that you choose does not conflict with the DHCP pool.
  2. Next go to local config on each client station and under the database settings tab, set up a manual connection to the IP address used in the step above, and save.

This will cause the stations to connect directly with a given IP, so windows will know which network interface to send the request out on. For detailed instructions see the Create a Training Database section in the manager's docs on page 11. You will skip the step where create entries for additional database files, and only use the default database (pospizza.PZ6).


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