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PCI enforce

Postby Fat Tonys » Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:37 am

I just upgraded to v6.60.00 earlier and the force PCI mode was enabled. What a royal P.I.A. that was! I should have read the instructions ahead of time that were posted here in the forums but just skimmed over them, downloaded, and upgraded. This stung me on the behind because of my being in a hurry. The system made me change my password, and pick a strong password. This was fine, but one of my other managers that shares this account was trying to log in on another station after I changed it and locked it out. It was too late to call support and I emailed and was frantic because I had no idea how to unlock it. All I knew was that we had no way of getting into the mangers program. It turns out that it was a 15 minute lockout.

Anyway I followed the directions that Scott posted about how to disable this after we got back in, and was able to put my passwords back to normal. I just wanted to let others know to follow those instructions or you could be in for the same problems we were. It is scary when this happens, but simple to fix if you read the directions. :oops:

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