Driver Grabbing Wrong Delivery

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Driver Grabbing Wrong Delivery

Postby Hometown Pizzeria » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:38 pm

How can we prevent a driver from checking out under another driver? We had a driver logged in and another driver came up to the screen without thinking just ckicked on a order and then off he went on the delivery. We noticed when he came back to check in from the delivery it was not in his list.

1. How can I switch a driver that has taken a wrong delivery if it happens again?

That way the records will be correct for the night when closing.

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Re: Driver Grabbing Wrong Delivery

Postby durbancic » Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:48 pm

If the drivers notice before the deliver is returned, this can be fixed.
1. Driver logs in that is assigned the wrong delivery
2. Uncheck the box b4 the delivery
3. Click Check-in
4. A box pops up asking if this delivery was delivered, say it was not delivered
5. Log out that driver, and then log in the other driver and have them assign the delivery correctly.

**Sometimes (not sure why) a delivery will get assigned to a driver and they are not able to unassign it. In this case, open up the main POS, click on assign driver (on the left side) and change the driver to NONE ASSIGNED for that delivery. Then the driver(s) should be able to assign their deliveries correctly.


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