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Heartland Payment Systems

Postby Scott » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:44 am

We have completed a payment integration with Heartland Payment Systems and POS Pizza 6.90 (and newer).

This integration uses the PAX terminals which support chip, swipe, and manual entered cards as well as Apple Pay, and Google Wallet payments. The PIN/chip cards coming next year are also fully supported.

This is an ultra-compact installation since no software from the processor needs to be installed on your system. Only a small module (just over 400 Kb) that allows your POS to talk to the PAX terminal over the network. This makes this solution not only good for normal POS installs, but also for tablet based systems due to its small size and ability to talk to a separate stand-alone terminal.

The PAX terminal also keeps all processing outside of your computer, making this a full OUT-OF-SCOPE integration for PCI and PA-DSS purposes.

If you have any questions about the integration, please contact us. If you have more specific questions about Heartland Payments and their services please contact Charles Knirnschild at Charles.Knirnschild@e-hps.com or 1-724-554-9778.

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