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Full Sail ahead

Postby Moriconis » Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:57 pm

It's working. Thanks for all your help everyone. Some things to note: we use quickbooks in conjunction for our own records, and it took a minute to figure pay outs that get a + vs ones that dont. For instance. Credit card tips payout...+3.00
because it accounts for those, however! !!!!!!!!!!!!! we need 5 bucks for paint out of the register, no +...just straight up 5.00
Somehow that's the only way we can get it to draw even with quickbook.

If anyone else keeps outside records via this method I can help.

Now, to setup Delivery before the kids get back (college campus) is a new challenge, anyone have any helpful advice? And yes I have forgone grammar in every context I already know.

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