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Postby bocanx » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:11 pm


I recently took over a pizza shop with a co-owner whose previous co-owner may have had a system to skim off the registers. Since I've taken over our drawers are consistently over a set percentage nightly. Is there a way to track if this was set up. We are over 10-15% nightly on our cash drop every night; we know this isn't a mistake that there is some way that a percentage is taken off the cash sales daily. Any help or thoughts?

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Re: Skimming

Postby Scott » Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:16 pm

One could edit the drawer close amounts in the management utility, or simply edit orders and remove items before the customer comes to pay. The edited orders will show up in the order edits report. The drawer close tool can be removed from managers access if you don't want them accessing it. Generally once a shift is closed, there should be no need to change the amount.

And lastly depending on the version running LT/SA vs CS and where the actual database is located, they could be using a 3rd party tool to modify the actual database file itself. This is why we recommend installing the server on a separate machine and then using a windows password and not even logging that machine in, but rather letting it sit at the windows login prompt. The database server will still run in this case, but the files will not be accessible unless a person 1, has access to that machine, and 2 has the login credentials to get in.


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