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Hard Disk Scrubber v3.3

Postby Scott » Thu Jan 28, 2010 1:52 pm

Hard Disk Scrubber v3.3 has been released:

From Change Log:
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Changes since v3.2:

Fixed:  Pattern All Ones to write the correct data

Added:  Logging during Disk Scrubbing

Added:  Shutdown PC at end of Disk Scrubbing

Added:  Halt on Verify Error on File Scrubbing

Added:  Rough Time Estimates on ALL Scrubbing

Changed:  Progress Behavior on File Scrubbing to use Byte Count rather than File Count for better accuracy

Changes Since v3.1:

Added:  Ability to stop process if during File Verify that all files were removed from the list

Added:  INI File editing built-in to Scrubber via a friendlier interface.

Changes Since v3.0:

Added:  Verification Passes

Added:  New ULTRA Patteren

Changed:  User Interface Fonts and some button colors for easier understanding of current state

Visit http://www.summitcn.com/hdscrub.html for more information about this product or go to our Downloads Page for the hard disk scrubber.


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