how do I know if hard disc scrubber worked?

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how do I know if hard disc scrubber worked?

Postby elevro » Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:19 pm

I ran the heavy hard disc scrubber and then I ran a normal.
How do I tell if it worked?
My operating system is still operating, my wallpaper is the same, my icons are still on the desktop,and it still knows the "name" of my computer.
I thought if it worked it would need to have the operating system reinstalled.

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Re: how do I know if hard disc scrubber worked?

Postby Scott » Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:11 pm

No, it only overwrites Free Space, so this would overwrite the area that any previously deleted files occupied making them unrecoverable. It will not delete current files on your system unless you use the "File Scrub" feature which is simply a file shredder.

If you want to completely wipe your hard drive, you can use another utility, or if you want Windows installed, use the following steps.

1) Low-level format the hard disk from the BIOS or using a low-level format utility

2) Create a disk partition and format the partition (do not use Quick Format)

3) Install Windows

4) Install the Hard Disk Scrubber and Scrub the free space.

Any old files on your system before these steps will not be recoverable.


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