V 3.3 issues and question

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V 3.3 issues and question

Postby PokerFan » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:42 am

I've run into two problems with v3.3.
1. After letting it run overnight, (Ultra) it appeared to be locked up (Stage 3, % complete was in the 20s). The computer was sluggish so i clicked the 'Stop Scrubbing' button. The 'Stop Scrubbing' button was responsive (the button text changed to 'Stopping Scrubbing') but after clicking it, it stayed at 'Stopping Scrubbing' for about 20 minutes until I used Task Manager to end the process.
2. I changed the priority to Low and restarted the program. The scrub.exe process is still set at High priority. I put it back to Normal and clicked the Start Scrubbing button but got an 'Error writing drive C:' or something similar. Restarted the program and it started scrubbing but the priority is still High.

Does Hard Disk Scrubber scrub slack space? (unused space in an used cluster)


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Re: V 3.3 issues and question

Postby Scott » Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:52 pm

I am not sure what the cause of your issue is, but it seems like something is taking away the time slices from it. Did you look in the task manager at CPU usage during this phase?

As a rule you shouldn't see the "stopping..." message for any longer than a second. When you click stop, it finishes writing the current block (32KB) and then returns, so this should happy very quickly.

Another things that you may want to try, is running a check disk before scrubbing.

The scrubber does not scrub slack space while it is in free space scrub mode. When shredding files, it does overwrite the unused cluster space in the clusters that the file(s) originally occupied. The program never overwrites the page file data, but does load extremely large blocks of string data during the 'random' phase, so this will by its nature cause some of the page file data to get replaced.


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