Error # 7 verifying PizzCust.PZ5

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Error # 7 verifying PizzCust.PZ5

Postby petur » Wed Apr 09, 2008 8:54 am

I'm a systems administrator.

My client says he recives errors when taking down orders.

When scanning the file PizzCust.PZ5 with the Management Utility i received "Error # 7 verifying PizzCust.PZ5" when verifying the database file.

All other files seam to be OK.

I saw other posts where Chris mentions exporting/importing the file.
I'm unable to locate the importing feature / utility.

Please help,

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Postby Scott » Wed Apr 09, 2008 9:11 am

Hi Petur,

First make sure that you have update pack #6 installed, then do the following...

Close down all of your POS Stations, and the Driver's Station. Next go directly to the Management Utility (DO NOT launch it from the POS module, instead use the desktop icon or start button icon for the management utility program.) and open the "Maintenance" menu. Select the "Database Maintenance Tool" from this menu and follow the steps below.

In the list select and highlight PizzCust.PZ5.

On the left side click on the Recover button. * if you don't see a recover button, then you don't have update pack 6 installed.

After that completes, select and highlight PizzPhones.PZ5 from the list.

On the left side click on the Rebuild button.


At this point you should no longer have the problem with your customer database.


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