Database Errors, Corruption

Help with the POS Pizza databases, Items + Toppings, Employees, Customers, etc
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Database Errors, Corruption

Postby mike_rochip » Thu Jan 05, 2006 12:48 pm

Happy New Year.

I may have some of these numbers and names wrong -- I'm at home, system is not.

My main sales database is corrupt. Unexpected error 7, and I ca't rebuild it. A bunch of orders are "customer not found."

Can I assume the best response at this point is to export data and rebuild from scratch?

Any suggestions?

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Postby Scott » Fri Jan 06, 2006 9:02 am

Yes, because this problem will compound itself if left alone.

On the customers, export them, then reimport them telling it to delete all of the previous customer records. You might also want to manually delete the files PizzCust.PZ5 and PizzPhones.PZ5 from your DATA folder prior to the import. You could also restore a backup on a second machine (before the corruption) and then copy these two files from the backup back into your working DATA folder.

If your menu Items are corrupted, you can either simply delete the corrupted items and re-add them, or use the backup method mentioned above but copying the files PizzItems.PZ5 and PizzToppings.PZ5.

Whenever you first see an Error 7 or 9, make a note of which machine that it first appears on and correct the problem right away by deleting the bad record and then re-adding it. You should find that your errors are always occuring on the same machine initially. Once a record has become corrupted, it will get an error on all of the machines, but the first time it gets corrupted is usually always caused by the same machine. Causes can be many different things from not enough memory, bad memory, bad network card or cable, etc.. These problems are sometimes very dificult to diagnose. Also avoid using Wireless networks when possible.


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