Error 4?

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Error 4?

Postby Stageline » Sat Oct 29, 2005 1:51 am

Hi all,

My supervisor called me tonight and said that he had noticed that a fellow employee had not clocked out from the previous night. I told him to go into the Management Utitily Program and clock the empoyee out at the appropriate time with the "Manage Time Clock" utility. He said that the software would not let him perform a manual clock-out, saying that an "error 4" occurs and with a message saying something like ".. the employee could not be found in the database."

I told the supervisor to try and clock out the absent employee by just using the regular POS Pizza clock-out button, but he said that it would not allow it, with a message saying that the employee has been clocked in for over 24hrs, and that a manager should clock them out; which lead us back to the "error 4" message.

What's this about, and how do I clock-out the employee?

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Postby Scott » Sat Oct 29, 2005 10:28 am

It sounds like that employee record has become corrupted. If I remember correctly you had some other file get corrupted recently too. It sounds like you have a machine on your network that is not properly opening and closing the files, or is intermittently dropping its connection.

You will need to delete the employee, and then re-add him. If you cannot delete the employee, you may need to rebuild the employee database file from the Database Toos menu under the Maintenance menu.


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