Driver Drops

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Driver Drops

Postby zcferres » Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:40 pm

Hey Scott! Driver drops are not working right on the system. When the driver drops money, or if we void an order that the driver already delivered, the driver closeout paper has the correct amount in the driver drop totals, however Total Amount owed to Drawer is always wrong any time there is a drop. What is the formula it is supposed to use? Wouldn't it just subtract the total drops from the Total of Deliveries taken?

Also, we have been having to subtract the Less Delivery Payments of box from the Total Owed By Driver box to actually determine how much the driver owes to the drawer. Why doesn't it just subtract this number because it is all money that goes to the driver. This is making our Monthly Income reports worthless because every day it says that we are off by the delivery payments. :?

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Postby Scott » Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:10 am

If you void and order after it has been delivered, you will need to go back and edit the employee (driver) account and deduct the "On Hand" amount by the amount of the delivery. The system cannot do this because once it has been "delivered" it is esentially closed as far as the driver is concerned. The On Hand amount changes at cashout (return from delivery).

Whenever you do a drop it simply changes the "On Hand" amount. This amount should be accurate except for the case where you void and already delivered order.

Are you using v5.1? It should subract it for you on the report. I know there was a problem with the report before v5.1 but don't remember specifially what it was. I just tested it here and it deducts all types of delivery payments fine here. The category report also shows the delivery payment at the bottom since this report is the one that is effected by the amount.


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