Client vs Server Local Configuration...

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Client vs Server Local Configuration...

Postby GeoDaddy » Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:13 pm

When I install it on the Client, I'm really accessing the Server thru the Shared drive... so how does that update the Client?

I only ask because - when I pull up the Management Utility / Local Config and it's pointing to the Server "Computer Name" not the Client's "Conputer Name" ? If I make a change to the Client, using the Mgmt Utility / Local Config - does it apply the change to the Client PC (even though it shows the Sever PC as the "local?")



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Postby Scott » Fri Aug 24, 2007 6:55 am

Yes, it changes the data for the client that you selected in local config. This works fine, because the local node knows its name and looks for its own entry to get its settings from.

You can change any of these settings from any other station, however printer driver settings should only be changed from the actual station that is being edited. This is due to the fact that printer driver names look different from different locations on the network. If you set a printer for "client A" from "client B", it more than likely will not print. If you go back to "client A" and edit the local config for that machine from that machine, you will see "Unknown Printer" selected since the driver name is somewhat different from that location. That is why it is important to make any printer changes from the actual station itself. All other changes can be made from anywhere on the network.


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