starting a new database

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starting a new database

Postby Shayne » Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:48 am

i have just purchased an existing business running pos v5. the previos owners do not have operating manuals, where can i download these from.
i need to start a new business enity but would like to keep the existing database.

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Re: starting a new database

Postby Scott » Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:46 am

Version 5 docs should be installed on the server computer. Look on the Start menu in Windows under "All Programs" -> "POS Pizza" -> "Documentation". Everything that you need should be there. If not, you can also look on the drive that POS Pizza is installed on and locate the folder called

"{drive_letter}:\POS Pizzza\DOCS".

You can keep the existing database in one of several ways. The best one is to log into the Management Utility program and then on the "File" menu select "Backup / Restore Data". Use the drop-down list to select a backup drive letter and choose a jump drive if you have one installed. Once your drive is selected click the "Backup" button. The database will be copied as a single backup file to the selected drive. You can then use that file to either restore into another v5 system, or import into a v6 system, keeping your database in either case.

Another method would be to simply copy the entire POS Pizza folder structure to another drive. This method will only copy the system as a whole and cannot be used to import data to version 6.


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