Payroll Question

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Payroll Question

Postby Hometown Pizzeria » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:20 am

I have one question about how to get the software to allow for a buffer zone in daily time clock tracking. I know many companies that have always used a buffer zone for punch in and out for time record tracking. The number I have always seen in businesses and factories are the basic policy of punch in anytime but no sooner than 10 minutes before your shift starts and punch out no later than 10 minutes after your shift. So the basic issue is a employee comes in to work and is scheduled at 4:00 PM the punch in should not be accepted prior to 3:50 and is rounded to the 4:00 PM shift start time and the same concept would go for the end of the shift but in reverse. If the shift ends at 9:00 PM then any time up to 9:10 PM would be rounded down to the shift end at 9:00 PM. We all want people to be on time and to leave on time yet most arrive or depart within 5-7 minutes of the scheduled shift. Your payroll reports break things down to the seconds and if you add the idea time of all employees coming and going 5 minutes early or late each shift you are eating a lot of idle time when they are not really working but saying hello or goodnight. I have been tracking this now for about a month and unless I am missing something we are spending about 17-24 hours per week in non work time payroll. I might be missing something but having to set down each week and correct everyones punch times to be accurate with their actual work hours is a lot of additional work for me and my managers. The other option is loose 17-24 hours per week at $9.75 per hour can add up quickly to about $170 per week in added costs. I am open to suggestions, I would assume programming a work schedule would be optimal in the software, yet you would require supervisor override for people working over their scheduled time in both directions. The only other way would be to tell everyone they need to punch in no sooner than 10 minutes before their shift starts and no later than 10 minutes after the shift ends and then use a rounding process in the software to the nearest hour. Just a thought to reduces the manual corrections we go through each week after we noticed our payroll reported verses scheduled was not matching up very well and this is what we found was throwing us off our projections.

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Re: Payroll Question

Postby Scott » Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:47 am

That would require a full scheduling package. So far the demand has been quite low for that, so we haven't ventured into that, and I really don't see that happening in the near future. You may want to run a 3rd party scheduling and payroll system for your specific needs.

A more-likely possibility would be that we would try to find a scheduling software package to integrate with at some point in time.


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