Driver Pay Per Delivery Payroll Problem

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Driver Pay Per Delivery Payroll Problem

Postby Hometown Pizzeria » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:57 am


I have noticed something that has been in the software prior and was not resolved or not known about in the newer versions. the problem is we have some drivers who use there own vehicle and others that use a company provided vehicle, so the solution looks simple we pay $2.50 per delivery for those using their vehicle and when our company vehicle is used we pay $0.00 per delivery. the problem comes when we run a payroll report and find a driver used their car Mon-Wed-Fri and used the company vehicle on Tue-Sat-Sun. I believe you can see the problem for what ever vehicle a driver used last before the end of the week your payroll reporting for funds paid out to a given driver is one way or the other it does not track the paid outs or not paid outs based on a given work day and remembers the values for the payroll weekly reports. I will rotate drivers weekly based on work schedules and if driver A used his car all week but saturday night the last night of the week he used the company car so we switch the pay per delivery to $0.00 his complete weekly paid delivery fees drops to $0.00 and the same goes for the driver who drove the company vehicle all week but used his on Saturday the report now shows every delivery for the week as if I paid him $2.50 for every delivery yet he only took 10 deliveries on Saturday but it now adds all his other nights as a $2.50 so going from a simple $25.00 payment to the driver now reports a number like 50 deliveries x $2.50 = $125.00. I would think that this might be a easy fix for you track people hours worked but not tracking delivery fees paid to the driver each night. Setting a flag that reflects the nightly description either paid or not paid makes more sense for not only a business owner but a employee who now shows way more income they actually received thus the government takes more from him or in some cases I payout more than I get credit for if it was set to $0.00. I am sure the only current work around is print more pages of paper to track each night then manually add each person for the real number for the 7 nights. I just figured programming might be a investment that makes a business owners job a bit easier and accurate.

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Re: Driver Pay Per Delivery Payroll Problem

Postby Scott » Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:52 am

The system uses the current pay-per-delivery value set in the driver's account. This is the first we've encountered someone using different rates at different times.

This will need to be manually tracked outside of the software since this specific type of situation is not able to be handled by the POS system.


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Re: Driver Pay Per Delivery Payroll Problem

Postby H-Man » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:41 pm

If you're not paying anything per delivery when employees are using a company vehicle then create a an employee account for each company vehicle. Have your employees use the special vehicle accounts when using the company vehicles.

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