Previewing output of small format printers?

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Previewing output of small format printers?

Postby ttomeny » Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:18 am

We only own letter size printers but would probably benefit from using a small format receipt printer. I can't see where there is a way to preview what the output looks like for each listed printer and don't want to buy a printer and find out it doesn't print the right stuff. How to preview?

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Re: Previewing output of small format printers?

Postby Scott » Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:57 am

The best way to see some samples of continuous roll printer output would be to go into the global printer definitions editor, and edit one of the graphical receipt types (ends with + sign). For example you could edit the definition for Graphic Receipt II + by double-clicking on it.

Once into the editor, you will see the script in a window on the right side of the window. Just above that window there is a thin button labeled Test Script. Click this button to see a sample output for that receipt. You can also modify test settings like order type, and whether or not it is paid, etc to see the subtle differences.

The standard character based receipts can't really be tested unless you redirect the output to a PDF, XPS, or a file and then set it up to actually print to that device.

The graphical receipts will give you a good idea however, and you have full control over the receipt's looks, fonts, and what is on it. You can customize the script, but I would recommend doing so with a NEW profile instead of editing one of the stock ones. The % codes that are used can be found in the text file Receipt Printing Script Codes on the Windows start menu.


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