Need Help with menu

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Need Help with menu

Postby GoodGuysPizza » Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:23 am

#1 Swap button not working, when you swap pizza it keeps the toppings from the other pizza and adds additional toppings. For example when I need to change the pizza from pepperoni to sausage it doesn't change the toppings instead it adds sausage pizza toppings to pepperoni pizza toppings.
#2 Randomly instead of charging for additional toppings $1 it charges double. This happens randomly like every other pizza or so. I checked the toppings on every single pizza on the menu and prices are correct for additional toppings but it continues to charge double randomly. It seems to have happened after I changed the prices on the toppings with "quick update topping price" option.

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Re: Need Help with menu

Postby Scott » Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:03 am

> #1
Swap will take one pizza and exchange it for another (with the same available toppings) as it was. So if you added a Large build-your-own pizza with peperoni, and 1/2 mushrooms, and swapped it with a medium build-your-own, the peperoni and 1/2 mushrooms would already be selected. This is by design, and is different than simply deleting one item and adding another which I think is the behavior that you are looking for. Swap keeps the same toppings on the new item being swapped in, provided that it has the same toppings available. The swap feature was added so that if you were adding a pizza with modifiers all set with a customer on the phone, and they said "hey wait, let's make that a medium instead", that you could quickly exchange the item and keep the same modifiers set. Both items in the swap MUST have the same toppings available to them.

> #2
Nothing is "random" in the world of computers. There is a very exact set of conditions changing the price on your item. If the POS system randomly picked prices, and toppings on a regular basis, we would definitely have heard about it. Something on your menus is mis-configured, and I will need more information to help you find it. If you can export your menu to XML, email it to me, and let me know which item is showing this behavior, I will take a look at it.

My guess is that some items are possibly charging both "Individual" and "Flat" topping prices. If you set prices in the toppings themselves (on the item), as well as the flat charge, then they will be combined if both are enabled at the same time. You can look at the toppings list on the item(s) in question for a quick view of the charges for half, whole, & double. Then also check the pricing page settings because both may apply.


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Re: Need Help with menu

Postby H-Man » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:07 am

Swap is meant for changing sizes of the same item. Other changes like swapping a meat lovers with a veggie lovers won't work. Just remove the item you don't want and add the one you do in that case. Swap was added so that when you are taking an order and the customer is giving you a list of toppings on a build your own type pizza and then changes the size at the last minute, that this can easily be done without having to go back and add the same topping over again.

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