Idividual Topping charge per pizza

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Idividual Topping charge per pizza

Postby christopher » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:22 pm

I am setting up the db for the master item list. Basically We have 16 different types of pizzas. Is there a way to group all the toppings together at one price say per size of the pie. Or do I really have to idividually add them per master item? Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Idividual Topping charge per pizza

Postby Scott » Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:28 pm


Setup one item of each size, then use the "import" feature to import the toppings (or other) settings from the first item that you setup. This will greatly speed things up when working on adding your menu.

The import option is found by going into the item editor and selecting "add item" or "edit item" and then once in the editor for the specific item, click on the "Import" menu located in the upper left part of the window.

*See the notes at the top of page 49 in the managers docs.


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