Deleting drawer reports/records

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Deleting drawer reports/records

Postby spakbros » Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:16 pm

Somehow the date on my computer got changed and the POS started making records for march 2012. After chaning the date back, i can't open the shift, punch in/out employees in the management utility, and the quick reports function wants to open the last dated record, for example it is Feb 8th, but it will give me a report for the drawer on March 1st or whatever.

I would think the simplest solution would be to delete the records that have been started for march so i can go back to todays date. (the computer is currently set to the future date) Where are those records hidden on the computer?

Is there a better solution i'm not thinking of? I could just set the year ahead one year, which is a bit annoying.

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Re: Deleting drawer reports/records

Postby Scott » Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:25 am

You will need to download an SQL editor like SQLite Expert and either change the dates on all of the bad records, or bulk delete them. You can find the free version of this tool at

Once you download the tool you will need to open your main database file with it. This file is C:\POSPizza6\LT\POSPizza.PZ6. Once the file is opened you will want to select the current orders table called orders_tbl and then change or remove the entries in question.

If you want to delete these records a quicker (and more dangerous) solution would be to execute the following SQL statement (make sure local system date is correctly set beforehand);

DELETE FROM orders_tbl WHERE order_date > datetime('now','localtime');

Making a backup is highly recommended before attempting to execute any SQL statements to the database directly.

If you manually change the date, you will have to change ALL occurrences of the date in every record.


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